Recorder Building

The Acadian Recorder BuildingAcadianRecorder II

was constructed in 1900 to house the newspaper of the same name. This is the closest building to Province House and is a registered heritage property; the exterior is protected by the Heritage Property Act. It is owned by the Province and has been included in the Request for Information issued in June, 2016. A credit union occupies the ground floor.

The Acadian Recorder Building has 6,900 square feet of space on three floors, and views of Province House across the street. The glazed yellow brick on the front also extends in a band with a curved top around the north side, which also has two windows flanking a chimney. The west face has many windows opening to a light well. The Province wishes to retain views over this building from the north windows of One Government Place next door; this can best be accomplished by retaining the entire Acadian Recorder Building.Acadian Recorder NNE crop

Pinto Engineering states that snow from the roof of One Government Place is causing an excessive load on the roof of the Acadian Recorder Building. The Province, as owner of One Government Place, should pay for the cost of reinforcement of the roof.