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Message from Lenore Zann, NDP Critic for Communities, Culture & Heritage

As the NDP Critic for Communities, Culture & Heritage I have great concern when governments are of the mind that “progress” automatically precludes protecting, rehabilitating, and celebrating the historic buildings which make our province unique – the type that tourists love to see when they come to visit. Tourists don’t come to NS to see skyscrapers that’s for sure. If they want that kind of experience they’d go to Toronto or New York! People come to Nova Scotia because of it‘s natural beauty, it’s culture and it’s unique heritage. Don’t let them ruin it.

Once a heritage building is gone it’s gone forever – and often the replacement is not as interesting and in fact more about increasing a profit for private owners than it is about adding beauty or grace to the urban landscape.

Unfortunately there are many such examples in Nova Scotia already. Here in Truro for instance, people today still bewail the fact that our historic train station was demolished for a strip mall.

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